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Crest Of A Crime Wave 2013

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CD Album Catalogue number: PSYRAZ-104

This is a double compilation album released to celebrate the band's fifteenth anniversary.

  1. Jettison
  2. Lose My Head
  3. Only Son
  4. Make It Rain
  5. Lock Down
  6. Dipole
  7. A Bullet Called Pride
  8. Good Times
  9. D-FENS
  10. Damage Limitation
  11. Fractures
  12. Mind Bleach
  13. Tomorrow Ends Today
  14. Passing Cycles
  15. Razerz Of The Underground
  16. Shadows Of Reality
  17. Draconian Blues
  18. Alone
  19. Liar
  20. How Low?
  21. Crest Of A Crime Wave
  22. The Elite
  23. Now I Know...
  24. Tired
  25. Sacred Oppression
  26. Only Son (Live at The Godless Festival 2003)
  27. Razerz Of The Underground (2006)
  28. Shezamin (2006)
  29. Gonna Be (2006)
  30. Way Of The Blind (2006)
  31. Damage Limitation (Original Version)


Lethal Dose 2010

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CD Album Catalogue number: PSYRAZ-103

  1. Damage Limitation
  2. Mind Bleach
  3. D-FENS
  4. False Pride
  5. Jettison
  6. Fractures
  7. Lock Down
  8. Drempels
  9. A Bullet Called Pride
  10. Swarm
  11. Dipole
  12. Guttermouth
  13. Passing Cycles (Studio)
  14. Feeling Dead (Studio)

This is the first Live Razorwire album. Released in 2010 on Psychophonic Records.


Wrapped In Lies 2008

CD Album Catalogue number: PSYRAZ-102D

  1. This is the third Razorwire album. Released in 2008 on Psychophonic Records.


  1. Damage Limitation
  2. False Pride
  3. One Shot
  4. Empty Eyes
  5. Fractures
  6. Know God
  7. Mind Bleach
  8. Tomorrow Ends Today
  9. Legacy
  10. Drempels
  11. Swarm
  12. Clawing Fingers



On Tour With Razorwire (Feature)
Drempels (Wrapped In Lies)
False Pride (Wrapped In Lies)
Fractures (Wrapped In Lies)
Mind Bleach (Wrapped In Lies)
A Bullet Called Pride (A Bullet Called Pride)
Dipole (A Bullet Called Pride)
Lock Down (A Bullet Called Pride)
Dipole (Live @The Godless Festival)
Lose My Head (League Of The Godless)
(DVD is PAL)

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  1. “A proudly tumescent set of politically charged scatterbombs” - KKKK - Paul Travers, KERRANG!

  2. “A band that deserve every frickin plaudit that comes their way” - 8/10 - Nick Cracknell, METAL HAMMER

  3. "Wrapped in fucking awesomeness." - Robb Hitchin, PIT OF DOOM

  4. "pummelling riffs, sharp incisive lyrics" - Ken Collinson, ROCK3MUSIC.com

  5. "‘Wrapped In Lies’ is charged and ready to kick you in the face with its energetic and adrenaline fuelled noise." - Emma Dalby, ROOMTHIRTEEN.com

"..a sound that is truly still fresh and exciting" - Alun Williams, ROCKBEAST.com

"I love it's Punk meets Thrash attitude" - Steve Green, LIVE4METAL.com


A Bullet Called Pride 2005

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CD Album Catalogue number: PSYRAZ-101

  1. Dipole
  2. D-FENS
  3. Good Times
  4. Hooked
  5. A Bullet Called Pride
  6. Detonate
  7. Lock Down
  8. Thicker Than Water
  9. Inside Out
  10. Full Circle
  1. Second album from Razorwire.
  2. "Back for more, bouncing around and punching out in relentlessly heavy way..A kind of madmall blur of crafted raw metal energy that tastes of  One Minute Silence, hardrcore Anthrax, early Suicidal Tendencies with those clever slices of hip-hop/rapcore and that speed-punk energy that goes yap yap yap….classy clever aggressive bruising grooved-up forward looking metal (and a band that understands melody can be a weapon as well).. they’re now one of the best metal bands in the land ….. Rather recommended."- Sean, ORGAN

  3. "the tightly-wound riffs and bouncing grooves burst from the speakers in such a kinetic flurry of energy, enthusiasm and sheer bombast that the pillaging little bleeders actually manage to pull it off." - Paul Travers, KERRANG!

"I'm so glad I get to do the review of this 2nd album" - 99/100 Tony, CONCRETEWEB.be

"Awesome and highly recommended." - Rigsby, I WILL BE HEARD.co.uk

"neatly twisted riffs with unmistakable rap grooves and meathook metalcore melodies." - 7/10 Malcolm Dome, METAL HAMMER

"There's a moment on this album's opening track, 'Dipole', when Razorwire pull out a riff that would make the Good Lord Iommi proud - a dark, curvaceous beauty which crackles with slow grace and malevolence." 7/10 - Joe Stannard, ROCK SOUND


League Of The Godless 2003

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CD Album Catalogue number: PSYRAZ-100

  1. Jettison
  2. League Of The Godless
  3. Template
  4. Spin The Wheel
  5. Make It Rain
  6. Lose My Head
  7. Only Son
  8. Trip Or Fly
  9. Just Another
  10. Guttermouth
  11. Still Waters Rising


  1. This is the debut album from Razorwire.
  2. “With its punchy, riff-laden thrash-fu, 'League...' sizzles with an intensity and attitude that cuts through the bullshit and serves up a heady dose of no-nonsense, ball-slapping metal goodness” KKKK - Alexander Milas KERRANG!

  3. 'League of the Godless' takes a clenched fist to the world of musical crosspollination to create the kind of uncompromisingly brutal, yet melodic, experience that you need in your life. Go find! - Chris Hodgson, METAL HAMMER

  4. “If metal with balls is your thing then you could do a lot worse than this selection of tunes”
    Graham Finney, ROCK SOUND


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